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Elective only CPD courses 

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The following courses contain the elective requirements for the fulfillment of CPD obligations, however, they do not Include the 2020/2021 compulsory topics which must be completed to fulfil your annual CPD obligations.

Negotiation elective 

Negotiation is an art form and having the right tools for the job is a must. This course gives participants many tools and shows the most appropriate ways in which to use them.

Managing conflict elective 

Conflict is often a big part of a real estate agents day and how we react to it defines our success. Turning conflict into an opportunity is not easy but certainly worthwhile. In this course we look at strategies for taking advantage of the trying times we experience with misunderstood or "difficult people".

Buyer's agency elective 

Buyer's agents are a relatively new concept in Australia but are quickly becoming a very lucrative area of practice. All licenced agents have the authority to act as a buyer's agent, however, getting paid a fee by a buyer to find them a property can create many issues for an unaware agent. This course outlines the processes and legal issues for working as a buyers agent.

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