CPD for Licence holders 

Recent reforms introduced by Fair Trading NSW in March 2020 have changed the way that Continuing Professional Development must be completed for all Licence and Certificate holders in NSW. The reforms restrict the providers that can deliver CPD and increase the required training from 4 hours per year to 6 hours for Class 2 Licence holders and 9 hours for Class 1 Licence holders. 
This is made up of 3 hours mandatory CPD + 3 hours elective CPD for a total 6 hours and an additional 3 hours for Class 1 licence holders (Total of 9 hours).

This training can be undertaken either face to face or online, however, only providers approved by Fair Trading NSW are eligible to deliver the compulsory topics. 


As an approved provider Real E-training has tried to make the process of completing your CPD as easy as possible by providing licence holders the opportunity to combine the two courses into one, and as our CPD courses are online licence holders are able to complete their yearly CPD obligations in their own time as it suits them. With the option of either getting the entire CPD completed in one sitting or over a period of time as it suits.

CPD is also no longer due on the renewal date of the individual's licence or certificate, and now must be completed prior to 22 March each year. The good news is that all our CPD courses do not expire until the end of the CPD year, therefore, you can enrol in our CPD and take as much time as you need to complete it (appropriate to Fair Trading deadlines).


More information scan be obtained at Fair Trading NSW website here

To fulfil your CPD obligations all licence holders must complete 3hrs compulsory and
3 hrs elective CPD. 

To enrol in the appropriate CPD course choose one of the following options



If online training doesn't suit contact us here to discuss an inhouse option for your office